Lakeview Track & Field Meet @ Sheldon-Williams Collegiate

The Lakeview Track & Field Meet for our Grade 4-8 students will be held at Sheldon-Williams Collegiate on Thursday, June 2, 2016. Students will go to their classes at 8:53am for attendance and then meet in the gym where they will be divided into eight groups: 10 and under boys (as of June 21, 2016); 10 and under girls; 11 year old boys; 11 year old girls; 12 year old boys; 12 year old girls; 13 and over boys; and 13 and over girls. We will go over some rules and guidelines for the meet and then walk with our groups over to Sheldon. The meet will likely begin around 9:45am and commence somewhere between 2:30-3:00pm.

Students should bring a backpack with a water bottle, insect repellant, sunscreen, a hat and a lunch. Students may bring boxed or canned drinks (no glass bottles please). Please do not bring sunflower seeds or gum to the track meet.

We require volunteers to assist with the running of events. Volunteers will be contacted by telephone to confirm duties. We look forward to this event and invite parents/guardians to join us at Sheldon-Williams Collegiate to support our student athletes.

Construction: Waterproofing Project

Construction began at Lakeview School on Monday, April 25 for Phase 2 of the Foundation Waterproofing Project. Phase 1, which involved the south end of the school, was completed two years ago. Phase 2 will take approximately two months and will result in the closing of the East and West staff parking lots and temporary (likely three weeks) loss of access to the East staff entrance. The front entrance and West Daycare entrance will be available, except for one week periods at some point in the future. Please remember that parking is never permitted on the school sides of 20th Avenue, Garnet Street or Cameron Street and that parking will be limited with Lakeview staff needing to park on the neighborhood streets. Thank you for your patience during this time.

Changes for Grade 1 Transportation for the 2016-2017 School Year

Upcoming Dates:

Friday, May 27 (11:45am) - LSCC Special DQ Lunch

Monday, May 30 - Grade 8 Band Day Trip

Monday, May 30 (9:30am) - Grade 8 Band Concert @ Lakeview

Tuesday, May 31 - SLC Spirit Day

Tuesday, May 31 (2:30pm) - Primary Spring Fling Dance

Wednesday, June 1 (7:00pm) - Elementary Band Concert @ Sheldon-Williams Collegiate

Thursday, June 2 - Local Track Meet @ Sheldon-Williams Collegiate (Grades 4-8)

Friday, June 3 - Dallas Valley Day Trip (Grades 6-8)

Lakeview School Community Council

The members of the Lakeview School Community Council are:

Chair                                 Joel Beaudin Dobson

Vice Chair                         Erin Jackson

Treasurer                         Jianni Marchiori

Secretary                          Lisa Engel

Members at Large          Vicky Neiser, Lana Most, Leigh Spence, Nicole Westerlund, Gayleen Bailey,

                                            Kerry Teece, Elaine Barrow

Teacher Reps                  Jennifer Friesen, Danielle Hackel, Christina McKenzie

Principal                            Dale Girodat

Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 7, 2016 (6:30pm)

Thank you for the work you do to support student learning and the Lakeview School Community!

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