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Bill Nye and colour 

Research: Use this document link to complete research:

Laws of Refraction and Reflection in Every Day Life


After researching: Watch this Video 

Make jote notes to answer the following questions:

How does light travel?

How does reflection work?

How does refraction work?

What is light absorption?



Poetry Reader Response

Lyrics Slide Show Example



HIV/AIDS Scavenger Hunt


HAIKU CONTEST Regina Public Library



Data Collection Project



Career Education Document Link

Career Ed

 What Career Interests Me?

My future life

Who am I?






What is the Treaty relationship like today?

Got Land...Thank an Indian CBC


Idle No More Movement





Treaty Relationship

Video:  Ways the Buffalo was used


Small Pox Information


Small Pox video British Columbia Context



Food:  More Than Meets the Eye

Nutrition - Food Guide

Create Your Own Food Guide



Sugar Shocker

Read the Article on line with a partner

Answer the comprehension and critial thinking questions (hand-out)