Our School

At Lakeview:

We are:

Compelled by the desire to instill both passion and compassion, to inspire hope, to build a sense of community and responsibility for ourselves and others, and to recognize that we are all one. If we succeed, and if we teach our children to honor each other’s strengths, we can change our world.

We Believe:

1. All Students Can Read: We believe that each child can read, and although in one classroom readers vary greatly in skill and ability, each student must be given the opportunity to receive instruction that will support their growth and access to reading material at their independent level.

2. A Balanced Literacy Approach is Critical: We believe that students should have the opportunity each day to read books at their independent level, write about what they are reading, and talk with peers about their reading. Our classrooms should reflect a variety of opportunities to read such as shared reading, independent reading, small-group instruction, whole group strategy-based instruction, modelled reading and writing.

3. Family & Community Matter: Parents need to be engaged through home reading programs, communication about how to assist their children, invitations to come into the school to read with their child or other children. As educators, we need to help parents understand grade level reading outcomes and the work/steps needed to get their child to where they need to be.

Our School:


Lakeview School is nestled in the heart of the historic Lakeview Neighbourhood, a community  that prides itself on striving for academic and personal excellence. Currently there are 255 students enrolled at Lakeview School from kindergarten to grade 8.

Complementing our school is the Turtle Park Early Learning Centre, located on the north west end of our school. It provides community care for children 18 months and older, with a before and after school program for school-aged children. We believe in the old adage “it takes a village to raise a child” and as such we strive to build a harmonious relationship with the staff, children, and families at Turtle Park.

Lakeview offers the array of supports and programs available to all Regina Public Schools – Learning Resource, Speech and Language, Early Observation and Planning, School Counselor, Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, School Resource Officer and Teacher-Librarian.