Report Card Information

Reporting Progress

Elementary (Grades 1 - 8) Regina Public Schools students receive a report card twice per year that gives an overall course level of achievement.  In addition, levels of achievement are given for specific outcomes for literacy and mathematics.  You can access your child's marks at any time by logging into your EDSBY account.

Personal & Social Growth

Regina Public Schools shared values allow students to know how to learn more effectively, develop their potential as independent learners and take ownership over their own learning. Shared values help students to prepare for learning and working in the 21st Century. These learning skills and work habits do contribute to a student’s ability to be successful at school.  They are evaluated separately from student achievement of course expectations.

Student Evaluation

Daily ongoing assessment and report cards are not separate.  They inform each other and both are based on outcomes from the curriculum.  During a study block, students have multiple and varied opportunities to develop, demonstrate, check and refine their understanding.  This process is called formative assessment and allows for checking on learning to decide what to do next.  

Evaluation is a judgement made about students learning, based on established and shared success criteria.  Teachers gather evidence of student learning from observations, conversations and student products (such as reports, projects, tests, assignments) over time and use this evidence to determine students' grades.   These evaluations form the basis of report card levels of achievement to communicate progress to students and parents.  

Levels of Achievement

The levels of achievement scale describes the student’s progression toward meeting provincial outcomes.  The levels are not used to compare students with other students. 

Grades K-8 Meaning
BE Evidence indicates initial understanding, demonstration, or application of the outcome.
AP Evidence indicates progression towards understanding, demonstration, or application of the outcome.
ME Evidence indicates understanding, demonstration, or application of the outcome.
EX Evidence indicates in-depth understanding, demonstration, or application of the outcome.
IE The student has not yet demonstrated enough evidence for reporting purposes.
IG The student demonstrates understanding of outcomes that are adjusted in number and complexity.  This level of achievement would be discussed with parents prior to the formal report card.
EL The student is focused on English language proficiency.  Adjustments have been made to curriculum expectations to address language learning. 

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