Staff Directory

Principal  -  Ms. L. Hainstock

Vice Principal / Learning Resource Teacher - Mrs. B. Sotropa

Administrative Assistant  -  Mrs. C. Paye

Head Custodian  -  Mr. R. Simpson

Evening Custodian  -  Mr. M. Maier

Kindergarten  - Mrs. N. Bourque

Grade 1/2  -  Mrs. S. Glasser

Grade 1/2  -  Mrs. E. Adema

Grade 2/3  -  Ms. M. Stephens

Grade 3/4  -  Mrs. T. Laplante

Grade 4/5  -  Ms. J. Huber

Grade 5/6  -  Ms. L. Craig

Grade 6/7  -  Mr. J. Clarke

Grade 7/8  - Mrs. R. Smith

Grade 7/8  -  Mrs. S. Drackett 

Jr. FIAP -  Mrs. J. Hone-Best

Sr. FIAP -  Mrs. A. Ripplinger

Library Technician/LRT - Ms. S. Momin

Specialist (French)  -  Ms. A. Peters

Specialist (Phys. Ed)  -  Ms. J. Baran

Specialist (Arts Ed)  -  Mrs. L. Mcdonald

Band  -  Mrs. L. Stennes

Ed. Assistant (Sr. FIAP)  -  Mrs. L. Anderson

Ed. Assistant (Sr. FIAP)  -  Mrs. N. Ferozdin

Ed. Assistant (Jr. FIAP)  -  Mrs. W. Heinrichs

Ed. Assistant (Jr. FIAP) - Mr. J. Gadica

Ed. Assistant  -  Mrs. J. Giesbrecht

Ed. Assistant  -  Mrs. S. Heinemann

Ed. Assistant  -  Mrs. J. Houlden

Ed. Assistant  -  Mrs. R. Rein

Ed. Assistant -  Ms. C. Ivens

Ed. Assistant -  Ms. N. Camus

Ed. Assistant -  Ms. J. Wright


Lakeview School Support Personnel:

Counsellor  -  Mrs. S. Favel

Psychologist  -  Mr. M. McCaw

Child and Youth Mental Health Consultant  - 

Speech and Language Pathologist  -  Mrs. W. Bengert-Siman

Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments  -  Mrs. T. Guest

Public Health Nurse  -  Mrs. T. Anderson

School Resource Officer  -  Cst. Dana Adams

Superintendent  -  Mrs. L. Herridge