Lakeview School Winter Carnival

This   event   will   feature   a   number   of   fun,   family-oriented   activities,   as   well   as   performances   by   our   Gr.   5-8  Christmas   choir   and   Kindergarten   to   Gr.   4/5    in   the   gym.   Please   note   the   performance   schedule   below:  

6:15   Gr.   4/5   &    5’s   only    from   5/6   -   Mrs.   Smith   &   Ms.   Craig   
6:30   Kindergarten   A&B   -   Mrs.   Bourque  
6:45   Gr.   3/4   -   Mrs.   Laplante   &   Mrs.   Huber  
7:00   Gr.   2/3   -   Ms.   Stephens  
7:15   Gr.   1/2A   and   1/2B   -   Mrs.   Adema   &   Mrs.   Glasser  
7:30   Gr.   5-8   Christmas   Choir   

Please   bring   your   child   to   the   gym   at   the   relevant   time.    Due   to   limited   seating   in   the   gym,   please   only   stay   in   the  gym   for   your   child’s   performance,   and   then   proceed   to   the   carnival   stations.    Unfortunately   we   do   not   have   room   for  everyone   to   stay   for   the   entire   duration.    Please   let   extended   family   know   about   the   dress   rehearsal   at   2:30pm.  

Carnival Stations:

We will have a variety of fun family friendly activities around the school. Please see the map posted in the front foyer and collect your family's passport before you begin.

This event is sponsored by our Lakeview School Community Council. Thanks LSCC! The Lakeview teaching staff will be at all stations to assist you with instructions!

Important things to note:

*     Parents   are   expected   to   accompany   their   children   at   all   times    –   this  includes   bringing   them   to   the gym   slightly   before   their   performance   time   and   remaining   until   the   performance  is   over.
*    All   families   are   asked   to   enter   through   their   child’s   boot   room.   The   front   door   will   be   available   for   those with   accessibility   needs   only.    Turtle   Park   &   Staff   entrances   will   be   locked
*    All   outdoor   shoes    must   be   removed    and   placed   on   the   extra   boot   room   mats.   Students’  indoor   shoes will   be   placed   on   the   boot   rack   at   3:30   that   day.
*    Classrooms   will   be  locked   with   the   exception   of   3   designated   coat   rooms   -   these   will   be   posted  in   the front   foyer

There   will   be   a   dress   rehearsal   in   the   gym   from   2:30   -   3:15pm   on   Dec.   11th    -   extended   family members   are   welcome   to   attend!